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Welcome to the all-new ArmsAds! The online classifieds directory for all your firearms and shooting sports needs.

The simple and affordable, flat rate, classified firearm directory with no additional fees! 


2023 Pricing Schedule:

*Pricing changes will be published 90 days prior to changes.

Through the rest of 2022, we are offering FREE classified ads and user accounts. Our pledge is that we will never get between the buyer and seller. There will never be any hidden fees. What you pay for your ad is all you pay.


Benefits of ArmsAds:

  • Speak directly to your customers
  • No Hidden % fees or commissions!
  • Upgrade your ads with pictures, colors, and bold text!
  • Publish your contact information and website address.
  • Support the firearms community. A percentage of sales of this website go directly to support our veterans and first responders.

New ArmsAds Features:

*Featured Sellers

We have just launched a new feature aimed at helping buyers connect with verified sellers. If you are a seller and would like to become verified, the process is easy. Simply visit the contact us page and email a staff member. With a quick snapshot of your driver's license, you can obtain a "Verified Seller" ranking so your customers can know that they are buying from a reputable seller. Sellers' personal information will never be kept by

*Sellers Reviews

Now - ArmsAds buyers can rate their transaction and seller. If you have completed a transaction with one of the sellers using, simply click the Review button and let the world know how your transaction went.


ArmsAds Partners

ArmsAds is now accepting new Partners who want to help us support the website and keep this resource available to the public. Contact us and learn more about our Partnership options.


*Pricing and offers are subject to change.

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