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Arms Ads General acknowledgments and agreements:

The user agrees to the following by using this website.

These are the guidelines for using the services offered by this ArmsAds. These Site Rules may be amended, revised or updated at any time. Continued use of the site after such amendments means that you agree to such revisions and updates.

The content posted by the user/poster is their responsibility. ArmsAds does not take responsibility for the content posted by its users. Users will only post items that they are legally allowed to sell or buy.

Transfers of firearms

All firearm transfers must comply with federal and local law. FFL-licensed dealers are required to transfer firearms. Before buying or selling anything on this site, it is the user's responsibility to verify all laws in your locality.

Use our website:

Our services are not available to minors. If you use our site, you agree to comply with all laws regarding lawful transfers of Firearms and Ammunition. We do not participate in the sales between Buyers and Sellers, or the posting of products.

Account Termination

We may terminate your account if you violate the Site Rules.

Technical Difficulties

We are not responsible if ads or content are deleted or delayed because of technical problems or for any reason.

Website Participation

You may be able to click on the ads of other users, communicate with them, or participate in promotions. ArmsAds is not responsible for any correspondence or transactions.

By using I agree to the following

Use terms

  1. I am at least 21 years old.

  2. is for use for buyers and sellers, living in the United States Only. 
  3. I understand that ARMSADS does not participate in transactions between parties. ArmsAds does not certify or investigate any transaction and cannot guarantee legal capacity. Any transaction or correspondence between site users is completely between the two parties and user holds ArmsAds harmless.

  4. I am responsible to comply with all applicable laws. This includes federal, state, municipal statutes and rules, regulations, ordinances, and judicial decisions. All applicable Presidential Executive Orders are also applicable, as well as all licensing requirements.

  5. I agree that is not allowed to be used for any purpose which is contrary to any federal, state, or municipal regulations. I understand that will not be used for illegal purposes. I acknowledge that I am not authorized access to the website for illegal purposes and that accessing it without authorization may be considered accessing a computer illegally.

  6. I will contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive at 1-800-ATFGUNS if I have any questions about firearm sales and transfers. I also will visit the ATF website

  7. does not guarantee the website will be functional at all times and may be down for maintenance or other reasons.

  8. ArmsAds can edit or remove any information from this site, including my listings without prior notice.

  9. can permanently remove me from this site if I violate these terms. Depending on the severity and nature of the violation, it may also take legal action.

  10. I agree to adhere to the spam and listing policies. I can only have one account. An item may be listed once in the correct category and at my physical address.

  11. I agree that I will only post items to the appropriate categories. If a category does not exist, I will contact ArmsAds and ask for an addition. This does not guarantee that ArmsAds will add the requested category.

  12. I am responsible for all my actions while using I am also responsible for all actions that are related to or resulting in my use of Additionally, I am responsible for all the consequences of my actions. It is strictly forbidden to collect data from and republish it without's written permission.

  13. I hold harmless ArmsAds, its directors, officers, and employees for any loss, harm or damage they suffer, regardless of intent or not, through my use of ArmsAds. This includes any direct or indirect consequences of using this website or violating any applicable laws.

  14. I am legally allowed to post the content of my ads to ArmsAds. I am solely responsible for the posting and content of my ads.

  15. ArmsAds can make any changes to these terms at any time without notice. I, the user, am responsible for reviewing the most recent version of these terms and conditions.

  16. Clicking "Accept" ("I agree") electronically signifies that I accept each term and further certify I have read and fully agree to the ArmsAds Terms and Use.

  17. By using this website, I also agree I have read and fully agree to the ArmsAds Terms and Use.

  18. If any of the terms are deemed illegal, that term will be struck and the remaining document will remain in force.

ArmsAds, a new service, is still in development. Sometimes we may have to go offline in order to improve our services. Please let us know if you discover something that is not working properly. We value your feedback. This website was designed to make it easy for gun enthusiasts to purchase and sell firearms, and other similar products and services. We appreciate your support of the Second Amendment.

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